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Anacortes - Tugboat Beach around Burrows and Young Islands, 4K UHD, drone aerials - September 24, 2021

May 30, 2021
Sammamish, WA
Possibly one of the best kayak trips for me so far for 2021. Truly world class kayaking around Anacortes. Launched from Tugboat Beach on the west side of Anacortes and paddled around Burrows and Young Islands, stopping first at Alice Bight beautiful little beach on Burrows Island where the Cascadia Marine Trail Campsites are located, then over to a small sheltered beach on tiny Young Island, and finally exploring the Burrows Island historic Lighthouse and Coast Guard Station on the west side of Burrows Island. Stunning bluebird day shoulder season with light currents and winds, and near high tide. The kind of kayaking day we live for :cool: Great for beginners through advanced paddlers. For those looking to get started with paddling, rentals and guided tours available in Skyline Marina. See video on YouTube.com, and timestamps below for specific highlights.

thumbnail 1280x720.png

  • 0:09 Location of Anacortes in the Pacific Northwest
  • 0:14 Kayak Route and Distance
  • 0:21 Park 1: Tugboat Beach to Burrows Island Cascadia Marine Trail Campsites
  • 0:26 Anacortes - Tugboat Beach
  • 0:35 Transporting Kayak with Cart to Tugboat Beach Launchpoint
  • 0:41 View from Tugboat Beach out Towards Burrows Island, Young Island, and Allan Island
  • 0:49 Aerials Over Tugboat Beach
  • 1:10 Aerial of Skyline Marina
  • 1:13 Aerial of Washington Park
  • 1:18 Aerial of Burrows Island
  • 1:23 Aerial of Young Island
  • 1:26 Launching Kayak from Tugboat Beach
  • 1:50 Pacific Harbor Seals - Fresh Caught Fish for Breakfast
  • 2:00 Crossing Burrows Pass
  • 2:05 Arriving at Burrows Island
  • 2:45 Arriving Alice Bight on Burrows Island
  • 3:11 View East of Anacortes from Alice Bight
  • 3:20 Burrows Island State Park
  • 3:27 Exploring Burrows Island State Park
  • 3:40 Cascadia Marine Trail Campsites at Alice Bight on Burrows Island
  • 4:01 Aerial Over Alice Bight Beach on Burrows Island
  • 4:17 Aerial Panoramic View of Mt Baker, Anacortes, Skyline Marina, Washington Park, Burrows Island, Young Island, Allan Island
  • 4:32 Park 2: Burrows Campsites to Young Island
  • 4:48 Kayaking from Alice Bight on Burrows Island to Young Island
  • 5:07 Underwater View of Kelp Beds and School of Fish
  • 5:44 Arriving at Young Island
  • 6:12 Exploring Young Island
  • 6:26 View South to East of Allan Island, Whidbey Island, Fidalgo Island, and Anacortes
  • 6:41 Park 3: Young Island to Burrows Island Lighthouse
  • 6:53 Kayaking from Young Island to Burrows Island Lighthouse
  • 7:12 Underwater View of Massive Kelp Beds and Kayaking Cruising Through the Water
  • 7:45 Peartree Bay on Burrows Island
  • 8:11 Allan Island from Allan Pass
  • 8:22 What I Liked Most About This Kayak Adventure
  • 9:33 Arriving at Burrows Island Lighthouse
  • 10:12 Exploring Burrows Island Lighthouse and Old Coast Guard Station
  • 11:09 Aerials over Burrows Island Lighthouse
  • 11:47 Large Kayak Group Passing Burrows Island Lighthouse
  • 12:34 Part 3: Burrows Island Lighthouse to Anacortes - Tugboat Beach
  • 12:47 Kayaking from Burrows Island Lighthouse to Anacortes Tugboat Beach
  • 13:04 Tips on How Best to Enjoy Great Kayaking Adventure
  • 13:16 View North of Cypress Island, Orcas Island, and Blakely Island
  • 13:19 Washington Park from Burrows Island Lighthouse
  • 13:28 Short Bay Beach on Burrows Island - North Side
  • 14:07 Arriving at Tugboat Beach, Anacortes
  • 14:26 Pacific Harbor Seal and Dog Close Encounter

Overall highly recommended trip. I did a half day. You could also do a full day and include circumnavigation of Allan Island, or overnighter and stay at Burrows Island Alice Bight Cascadia Marine Trail Campsites. Welcome any questions you may have.


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