Another "What were they thinking?" example - Valley skeg control box


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May 15, 2005
No, the problem it is/was my misunderstanding that there was another tube [the ss tube/slider] in parallel with the fixed tube and that the sarcophagus had to be perfectly aligned with the control box central axis and continuation of the sarcophagus on the other side.

It is a slight problem because whatever the actuation distance, the cable is a tiny bit unsupported [and slightly kinkable/bendable] when the skeg is up and there's lots of 'friction' - is that what causes some of the control box cable 'threading' issues?


Dec 7, 2011
Victoria, BC
It's the season for skeg tubes! :)
Another friend, another skeg tube pushed out of the slider control....
This boat was a SKUK Echo.
No resin and fiberglass covering the slider box and its connections - somebody was thinking about possible repairs.
The owner took the boat up to Blue Dog (local SKUK dealer) and they fixed it while she waited. (Replaced the entire slider control, as I understand it.)
That's the way it should be, if things are going to break - and it seems they usually do, eventually.
Email from the boat owner:
It was great that it could be fixed on the spot. Amber works so quickly and efficiently.