Aquanaut Skeg Repair


Paddler & Moderator
May 15, 2005
My first reaction would be to restrain the top of the cable coming from the skegbox to be as gentle a curve as possible - the natural stress is at 90 deg to the top of the skeg. [think about pulling that spectra with all the force you had - what's natural to happen? - so there are little micro stresses going on at every linepull if the curve is not restrained and can change]

Oh yeah, I read that the skeg is foil shaped. Maybe that's not such a good idea if one also wishes to have quick manoeuverability. This is all a matter of the type of paddling done of course, but if typically a skeg is useful at small angles of attack but if big quick direction changes desired, stalling is also advantageous - therefore foil nfg: one of the interesting rudder/skeg compromises available.