BC Resource Road Updates


Jul 4, 2009
Prince George, BC
This resource was pointed out to me today- it is a BC Gov't web resource that lists resource road issues for the different management regions. A decent start page is: <local-road-safety-information>. From there you can look at the individual regions listed on the left-hand side. The amount of detail seems to vary in the different regions- some only have text listings of updates (e.g. "Campbell River" lists the current closure on the Fair Harbour access road) but also shows planned road work coming up.

Some areas include interactive mapping showing locations with issues (e.g. the "Prince George" section has this- useful for me looking at local hikes).
Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 7.50.39 PM.png

There are quite a few other links included- such as VHF calling procedures etc.

Might be useful for planning and also a check before going on a long drive that ends far from the water.