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Beaver Lake, WA January 2023 - Panoramic Video with Insta360 X3

May 30, 2021
Sammamish, WA
Nice half day trip 30m east of Seattle. Sheltered flat water paddling. Interesting 3 lake configuration looks like a Beaver, with well-hidden connectors between lakes that you can paddle through, no portages required. Good for all levels of kayakers, and paddle boarding and canoeing too. Lots of fishing on lake, and it is stocked. Video shot with Insta360 X3 camera, so panoramic 360 views. Interesting technology to experiment with. It stitches video from two hemispheres together for a video sphere and edits out the camera mounting. Video: Panoramic Kayaking with the Powerful Insta360 X3 - Beaver Lake, Washington.
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