Bella Bella


Apr 4, 2005
in aug 2003 we did a two week paddle starting and ending at bella bella heading west on seaforth channel rounding athlone island down through the McMullin group to goose island over to cultas bay and back up hunter channel to bella bella.
so this year we'd like to get dropped off at namu then head south to the koeye river for some fishing then cross to over to the hakai rec area for more salmon fishing in choked passage. from there hop our way through the serpent group,breadner group, up spider channel to cultas for more fishing and back to bella bella.
here's the questions i have, is the ferry still dropping paddlers off at drop zones? and will they do it for a group of 4?
are the bears a big threat at koeye river if we are able to find the camping thats marked on the coastal rec map. (we understand bear safety procedures)
cultas bay was the only spot we met paddlers on the 2003 trip, how much traffic can we expect on this route?
and of course, any cool spots along the way you might know of!!
gum said:
Don't know about the Koeye River. As for Hakai etc. check this out: ... l&val=1212

hi gum, it was your post in trailpeak that has me going nut's trying to convince my paddling buddies this is the route we should take instead of the bella bella round trip they have in mind.
i contacted blake at batstar and he was polite in rejecting my request for additional info, i understand his reasons.
blake also refered me to trailpeak and after reading your remarks again about daylight drop-off only, i'm bummed because we leave sat night at 9pm and that would put us at experiment point close to 4:30am, an hour before dawn.
in my mind night drop-off's and pick-up were ok, i swear i read about one somewhere on the net but have been unable to relocate that article.
drop me a line if you want to share any additional info or pic's, great posting on trailpeak!