Break down grill

Dave_Barrie said:
THESE look pretty nifty for the time of year and locations where you could use them

oh, thanks a lot Dave! :( like i didn't have enough 'build-it-yourself' projects already. :D

i'd (will) build the ends and the legs out of aluminum and only use stainless for the grill bars. and make the grill bars 1/8" except for the outside two. save a bit of weight.

Dave_Barrie said:

No problem - I'd be happy to beta your prototype :p

you'll have to wait a bit. i just checked my stock-pile and i don't have any aluminum bar big enough for the ends. i've got some at work though so maybe i'll get to it this comeing week.

you know.... the thing about a lot of these home-made copies is that they aren't cost effective. lets say labour is $20/hour. from looking at the pics, i could probably build one in about three to four hours. both stainless and aluminum are pricey materials. for this project (6x12) i'd guess about twenty bucks. so you just spent 100 bucks to build a grill you can buy for $25. it's the same in boat building. in ten years of building canoes and kayaks i've never gotten much more than cost of materials out of it. so why do i keep doing it, you ask? because i love it. i'm not in it for the money, i just like to make things, all kinds of things. as soon as Dan is finished with his Coho i'll be starting another strip built kayak.

I hear ya....sometimes it's just the challenge of making it, but not cost effective for small scale production.

I actually picked up one of THESE and I have to say that it is very well made, and it fits quite easily into my rear hatch.
well; here it is. i have no way of weighing it but it's light.

Have any of you guys ever seen or heard of a "grilla"? It's a grill mounted on a single rod driven into the ground [sand]. It is secured with some sort of wing nut affair and is adjustable for height.
DarenN said:
well; here it is. i have no way of weighing it but it's light.


Great job there Daren! :cool:

For several years now, I’ve been using the same lightweight grill as Dave just bought and it’s worked fine. No assembly required other than a couple of large flat rocks. Clean up is pretty easy too. I recommend lightly oiling the grill before cooking.

I’ve seen versions of the one that Fester refers to but the lighter ones don’t seem too stable once you start loading up the grill with bison steaks. ;)