bulkheads on a kevlar boat


Apr 9, 2015
My partner has a North Shore boat, kevlar / expidition layup

we were tidying it up and noticed when she shines a flashlight in the cockpit the day hatch lights up, there's about 1/2->3/4" of see though "something" with a hard yellow-y clear finish at the bottom of the bulkhead bonded into the hull, the rest of the bulkhead seems to be kevlar

the bulkhead has never given a moment of trouble, and the day hatch is dry, but she wants advice on:
1) is the "see through" bulkhead a potential problem?
2) is there an elegant answer should it be a problem?
3) should it be left alone given the boat is 10+ years old now, and no issues to date?


Dec 1, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Likely just a clear or translucent epoxy or other sealant. Letting light through does not necessarily say there is an issue. If you are concerned, I would test to see if water leaks through. if not, it is fine.

Note -there likely is a pin hole in the bulkhead somewhere (not at bottom). This is put in to allow some air to pass through to allow for pressure adjustments due to bulkheads heating in sun, for when traveling over mountain passes with boat on roof, etc. These pinholes will allow slow leaks of water.


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May 15, 2005
My first thought is that it might be some kind of more flexible 'sealant' bonding at the bottom of the more rigid bulkhead in order to slightly reduce stress rising when you go over a rock or log . . . but you said is was 'hard'. So push on it a bit - is it actually hard or slightly rubbery?

If it actually is hard and is not leaking at the base, it still is likely no big deal, but probably was because the bulkhead was too small and the builder really packed in some epoxy/polyester filler to make up the gap.
But you know, pictures help on such a thing and it sounds a little odd.