bungee beads?

I've purchased wooden beads of the proper size from art stores. The holes may be too small, but are easily drilled out. They are significantly cheaper than the aforementioned plastic beads.
Almost physically reacting negatively to one kayak maker's and designer's sculptured, beaded, festooned kayak rigging, I thought at the time that a most simple approach would be to temporarily wrap the centre part of the bungee, line, or whatever around a 3/4" dowel, saturate with CA or epoxy over say 2" [ 5cm], let setup, and remove.
Would work as a line raiser and might be unobtusive too.

Anyway, a variation of this would be to use a small section of the same line, wrap around a dowel of the line's diameter, saturate with setting glue, remove and cut off a 1-2" section and use that - that'd be another unobtrusive approach.

anyway, another line of thought
I came up with an idea I may try.
I can buy 3/4" delrin tubing with 1/4" bore. I'll chuck it in the lathe and cut off at 3/4' lengths and I'll have instant beads with 1/4" stand-off. A foot of it costs about $6.
. . . or sharpen the blade. . . or concaved flats [heatgunned] . . . or loose skin . . .
Check out the two piece Kajasport deck balls at Top Kayaker.com in the New Hampshire you don’t have to remove your bungees because they come in two haves that snap together they are cylindrical but you can get round ones as well, $9.95 for a pair, centre and right hand photo below 1”size and also the deck beads at The Kayak Academy in Washington state, left hand photo below, they are a little smaller, 3/4” size, $2.00 each, they are all good quality plastic ones that look like a factory issue part and look cool on your boat. All three types will fit over 1/4” max. diameter bungees and are easy to grab with gloves on. I also thought about finding an abacus in a toy store and taking the beads off that but I don’t want wooden ones and toys aren’t always cheap either.


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Here’s another cheaper option from Home Depot that will also work with one side being knotted. Northwater also makes black ones that cost more. One side has a 1/4” hole while the other side is a 1/2” recessed hole. They are about 1” diameter, you can attach them to your deck bungees with a zip tie, a knot or whatever works.


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Deck balls and deck beads are what some are called. I was looking up "bungee beads" and not getting a l,ot of hits. Knowing what to call them is very helpful. I will make some from Delrin tubing in the near future because the idea ofd not needed to remove the old bungee is not important to me. I am re-rigging new bunbgees on a few kayaks I have bought and I bring gthem up to snuff and then pass them on to new kayakers in my area.