Buy & Sell Rules - Read Before Posting

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Mar 8, 2005
Beautiful BC
Please read these rules before posting your buy and sell ad:

1., its administrators and the owners of the site are not responsible in any way for any transactions or dealing between involved parties or for goods bought, sold, traded or given away.

2. reserves the right to edit or remove any postings at our discretion.

3. The Classified Forum is for use only by individuals buying, selling or bartering their own property and is not to be used by any commercial enterprises or for any commercial purposes. If in doubt, check with the administrators before posting.

4. Only paddle boats and related gear, including camping and photography gear, are to be listed in the Classified Forum. Any other listings will be deleted by the administrators.

5. All postings must include a price in Canadian or US dollars.

6. All postings must include the general area where the item is located (i.e., Kelowna, Seattle, etc.).

7. Any duplicate postings, spam (determined by the administrators) or links to online auctions or other online classified sites will be immediately deleted. Spammers will have their accounts terminated.

8. Replies to postings should remain on-topic and be restricted to serious inquiries by interested parties. Any criticisms should be constructive, polite and non-confrontational. Off-topic postings or personal criticisms directed at the seller will be either deleted or moved to another forum at the discretion of the administrators.

9. For privacy sake, please avoid posting personal contact info. We advise instead adding "Click on my username to start private conversation" to your selling posting. To get in touch with a seller, click on their user name and you'll see a pop up box which includes a link, 'Start conversation' which will initiate a private chat. You can also start a conversation by going into your inbox and typing the person's name, or visit their profile and click on the link there.

10. Any concerns as to the validity or legality of the goods being offered or the intentions of the seller should be directed to the administrators by either private message or email.

11. If your item has sold, please post a follow-up to the listing saying so. One of the admins will edit your initial post and add "SOLD" to the title of your listing.

12. Note that YOUR POST WILL NOT BE DELETED after your item has sold. If you have posted personal information (e-mail, phone number, etc), get in touch with a site administrator and we will remove personal contact information from your post.

13. Once your posting has been submitted, you have 72 hours to make any edits. After that time, please mention any changes to items, prices, etc in a follow up post under your item.

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