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Cabin identification assistance


Jan 10, 2009
Seattle WA
I was recently re-reading Randel Washburne's beautiful stories about kayaking the BC coast in the 1970s and 80s, building hidden cabins along the shore as he went. Naturally, I was fantasizing while I read about building my own Kayak Bill-style hideaways tucked in the bush on obscure islands where no one would ever see them. These cabin fantasies dredged up a half-forgotten memory from about six years ago, when I stumbled upon an odd little cabin in Queen Charlotte Strait. I'm hoping someone can tell me something about it.

The cabin is located at 50.892628°, -127.230400°, south of Cohoe Bay and immediately east of the northeasternmost island of the Raynor Group. The cabin consists of two structures: a small habitation in the north and a larger, covered garage to the south. As I recall from visiting in 2011, the garage has a couple of small earth-moving vehicles and some log-handling equipment inside it, but my memory of that part is hazy.

I tried looking up the ownership of the cabin's land parcel, but I'm not familiar with BC's online land lookup systems, so I can't figure out who actually owns the land. I believe this parcel is in either DISTRICT LOT 1005, RANGE 1 COAST DISTRICT or else DISTRICT LOT 1004, RANGE 1 COAST DISTRICT. Are these parcels crown land? Indian land? Private land? If crown, are they subject to some kind of lease that allows the building of cabins? The cabin and garage looked like fairly permanent (if abandoned) structures, but might they be some sort of temporary camp for loggers for when they are cutting a logging lease? Is this a cabin for forest rangers? Or is it basically Kayak Bill with a chain saw and a Kubota?

If anyone knows this cabin or is skilled in researching such questions, please post here. Washburne's writings have rekindled my interest in lost, lonely little houses like this one.

Google earth photos:

Both seem to be on private land - the cabin being some 25 metres from the property line to crown land:

While one can always try to be under the radar, unauthorized cabins on crown land add an unwelcome provocation to an already highly complex and contentious land ownership/control issue.

Although some of us got involved in putting a new stainless steel stove in "Washburne's" Burnett Bay cabin some years ago, I was very concerned that this subsequently sparked another cabin to be built there by other interested parties. If it was to do over again, I would firmly not get involved and would counsel the same to others.
It's from a old logging camp and is private property, I ran a crew boat out of Port Hardy to the logged land parcel a couple of kilometers south of there back in the 90's
Thank you, Mick, Rob, and Nootka. Not for the first time, I'm grateful for the research skills and expert local knowledge of the community here on WCP.