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Canon S1 Software Workaround?


May 31, 2005
Astoria, Oregon, USA
Well, I got my new S1 and am thoroughly involved in learning all of its tricks. A big package. One aspect boggles me: On my old Olympus I used to just plug into the USB D/L port and pipe images directly into a folder.

The Canon S/W won't let me do that, instead ducting files into a high-overhead proprietary thing of theirs. I can circumvent that by using a CF card reader, but maybe somebody here knows how to directly download from the card while it is stll in the camera.

Hi Dave - when I first got my S1 I just used a card reader to DL the images, but I've now installed the Canon software and use it all the time. It makes it very easy to sort my images into various folders etc. so I can keep them all organized. It also helps by tagging the images that have already been downloaded if I leave some on the card for a while before deleting them.

On a related note....make sure you try out the Photostitch part of the software, you can do some really cool things with it.

It will take a while to learn all the ins and outs but it is a great camera. Some of the better investments I made to go along with it were a lens adapter/filters from LensMateOnline, a Lowepro Edit 120+ bag for dryland use, and the Canon underwater housing for when I'm in the yak.