Carter Bay in Fiordland


Jan 6, 2008
Vancouver, BC
Carter Bay is at the very N end of Finlayson Channel where it meets Sheep Passage.

The bay has a broad beach of sand and cobble. It is very gradual so expect long carries at low tide. The best camping spots are in a narrow flat strip of forest between the beach and a tall overhanging cliff (52 50.1' N, 128 23.5' W, from SPOT GPS on the beach). Fresh water is available from the Carter River and other nearby streams. There is no outhouse. The river estuary is bear habitat, we observed one Grizzly. Also see page 191 of Wild Coast 2.

There are great views down Finlayson Channel. At low tide you can explore the wreck of the Ohio steamship, which was beached in the bay in 1909.

Campsite at Carter Bay (Jul 19, 2009, tide 2.3 m at Bella Bella)

Beach at Carter Bay, we camped below the cliff (Jul 19, 2009, tide 2.3 m at Bella Bella)

Low tide at Carter Bay (Jul 20, 2009, tide 0.5 m at Bella Bella)

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