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Chris Duff rowing from Iceland to Greenland.....to Labrador!


Aug 3, 2006
Sept-Îles, QC
IF you hadn't heard of his previous trip from Ireland to Iceland over the last couple of years, Chris Duff is now hitting the water in his custom rowing craft from Iceland on June 15th.

Destination - Greenland, and then on to Labrador should the conditions allow and he make good time during the short North Atlantic season.

I can only assume he will cross from Greenland to southern Baffin Island and then cross the Hudson Straight across to the Button Islands on the north tip of Labrador and the Torngats.....

The word epic is grossly overused in modern adventure, but this defines and qualifies that word appropriately.

You can follow along via his FB page if you are his friend, he updates during the trip as allows!