Clayoquot Sound, Sep. 2012


Nov 24, 2007
Nanaimo, BC
We hadn’t been able to get out on many trips this year but we did get away this month and spent 7 days paddling in Clayoquot Sound. It was our first trip out in this area but definitely won’t be our last. The original plan had been to paddle a figure eight around Vargas and Flores Islands but that got changed by the second day out due to fog. We ended up spending the time on the south end of Flores and the north shore of Vargas. Two nights each at Cow Bay, Whitesand Cove, and Miltie’s Beach.

Having left Tofino and paddling past the community of Opitsat on Meares Island.

On the beach at Cow Bay. A gorgeous, sandy beach that seems to go on forever (and it really feels like it goes on forever once you start lugging your gear across it) This spot is a must see if you get a chance to visit the area. The beach is about 2 km. long and we had it pretty much to ourselves. Every now and again a group would get water taxied in to walk the Wild Side Trail back to Marktosis (Ahousat?).

Some pics of the beach and area.

Our reminder to keep a clean camp.

The next few pics are of us leaving Cow Bay, and 30 minutes later returning to Cow Bay. We’ve never experienced fog that thick and couldn’t believe how quickly it came in. Really disorienting feeling trying to make our way back to the beach through the fog and rocks. Waited it out for about five hours and we were able to get out and head to Whitesand Cove.

The next two nights were spent at Whitesand Cove.

After two nights at Whitesand Cove we headed to Miltie’s Beach on the NE shore of Vargas. We stopped at Whaler Islet and Vargas’ Dick & Jane’s Beach on the way. Miltie’s Beach had some of the most stunning sunsets we had ever seen.

Miltie's Beach

The next pic isn't really sharp but it does show the colors of the sunset we got to watch for two nights.

Had a great trip and we’ll definitely be heading back to see more of Clayoquot sometime down the road but will do it earlier in the year next time to avoid the fog.



Nov 2, 2005
Great photos and description. Never been to Clayoquot but someday will.
Thanks so much for posting!