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Course on boat repair


May 18, 2007
Coquitlam, B.C.
The wooden boat society has scheduled a few courses on simple boat repair for 2022. First is on minor dings and gel coat. You can actually bring your canoe or kayak and have it fixed over the weekend. The other is intro to epoxy resin and all its uses in repairs, clear coating, and more. Check out on their web site page for Courses There are other courses as well.
Just highlighting (since I wasn't clear on this from the initial post, so I checked the link): the course on April 23-24 covers small fiberglass boats, canoes or kayaks, not just wooden boats. Given all the discussion and queries on this forum about fibreglass repair, I suspect there might be a lot interest in this hands-on learning.
Yes it is for fiberglass or Kevlar boats but I suppose if one had a wood/fiberglass boat we could cover that as well. We will cover how to make small repairs with resin and glass, fill large dings in gel coat and talk about the variety of products on the market. I can answer any questions when boats are there. I have done this for clubs in the past and you can bring in your kayak and fix all the little things that need done before full paddling season.
Course on minor repairs is almost half full already. If thinking about it, only a few spots left as we only have so much room.