Current Designs Solstice ST rudder cable replacement


Dec 7, 2011
Victoria, BC
Where does one buy Spectra line and sheath in Canada? Ideally not a large roll.
I've bought Spectra rudder line from Bob Putnam at Coast Outdoors (formerly Deep Cove ?) in Vancouver. Most surfskis use Spectra lines, so any 'ski dealer should sell it.
The yellow Q Powerline for rudders has a slightly different sheath coating from the orange 600# Q powerline used by kiteboarders, but both seem to work OK for rudder lines, IMO. The distinction was explained to me by the Powerline owner in an email some years ago.
BTW, Q Powerline is a Canadian company.

The Powerline has a very smooth waxy surface; it's quite different from the usual Spectra line from yacht chandlers or online sources like SgtKnots.
'Ordinary' Spectra should work fine; I think that's probably what Mac50L uses and recommends.

In the picture, Powerline 600# on the left, SgtKnots 1.8 mm Spectra on the right.

Once you have it on hand, Spectra will find other uses. It makes excellent auxiliary deck attachment lines (for clipping in a contact tow line) when threaded inside black vinyl irrigation tubing, for example.


May 15, 2021
Los angeles
How do you fasten the ends of the SS cable lines? Crimped loops for shackles? Just crimped or with a thimble? Cost? Someone else does it for you?

Spectra, you simply tie a loop. Have a bit extra in the cockpit and the aft end can be renewed any time it looks like it needs it. It can be done by you on a trip, not in a workshop. And if it broke by exceeding 1/2 tonne (that would break the kayak first anyway) it won't leave bits blocking the channel or tubing.
Yes…We fastened the ends by looping the cable and using a ferrule and Swage to crimp it and finished by heat-shrinking the end We were able to do that ourselves, but you are correct that it could be a difficult fix without a workshop. I have definitely learned a lot about my boat in the last few weeks and would consider switching to the spectra line. I just thought that the fix we did would get me back on the water faster…. Maybe that is a project for later this year. Thank you for your help.