De Courcy Island - Pirates Cove Marine Park

Denis Dwyer

Mar 17, 2009
Metairie, Louisiana
De Courcy Island - Pirates Cove Marine Park

I visited this site on May 16, 2012
Coordinates: 49°5.64N x 123°43.564W

The beach here is sand and provides easy landing and launching at all tide levels.
Campsites are up a steep slope in a wooded area.
Tent platforms provide nice places to camp.
A water pump and composting toilet are a short walk from the camping area.
A small camping fee can be paid at a kiosk near the water pump.

De Courcy Island and Pirates Cove Marine Park on Google Earth

The beach at Pirates Cove

The water pump and kiosk at Pirates Cove

Composting toilet

Tent platforms in the camping area

This was the third of 34 Canadian campsites on my 2012 Inside Passage kayaking trip.