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Desolation Sound Camping


Aug 28, 2011
Sequim, Wa
We're heading back to Desolation Sound this summer hoping to see some spots we missed on the last trip four years ago. Any suggestions on camping the northern part of Homfray Channel or Pryce Channel? Last trip we paddled Waddington Channel north hoping to camp at a site on north E Redonda, but it was an active logging camp at that time. We ended up further north at Toba Inlet for a couple nights and then on to S Rendezvous both nice. Any thoughts on Attwood Bay or Pryce Channel? Also curious if that floating cafe is still tucked in up Waddington Channel?
I've camped on the old log landing at Homfray Creek: nice and level and the creek is worth a hike.

I've also camped at the site on West Redonda that John Kimantas mention is WC 3: it's on Deer Passage, just SW of Connis Pt. Good water, plus there is an old grave of two settler children, aged 1 and 2, who died sometime around the turn of the 20th century. Clearing the grave site and observing whatever religious rituals you practice can make for a very memorable experience, as I discovered one summer evening some years ago.

I like that area. Quite quiet with some beautiful scenery.

Thanks Andrew. We may likely take the Homfray Channel route this trip. With our group of six camping sites get a bit more challenging, but I prefer the solitude after a couple of days with the yachts. I do recall a refreshing shower at the W Redonda beach site. Looking forward to another VI adventure.