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Ducky-19 on Alaska. River-sea voyage


Dec 22, 2007
couple months ago from another forum.

I would advise against taking your cat down the copper river as indicated in your map. The rocks you would have to slide across would rip the bottom out of both hulls before you made it from Glennallen to Copper Center. It has canyons with shear walls that only a powerful jet drive river boat can handle. Whole trees tumble while being swept along by the massive current. If you fall over board, your dead. The current takes you away so fast that no one can catch you, the cold water does its thing to put you to permanant sleep and then the silt fills your clothes and every orafice to sink you to the bottom. Then there is Childs glacier that calves constantly into the river just after the bridge. The river is not wide enough to skirt around the falling ice either. I was raised in Alaska and I have been in many of the places that you show on your map. If you make it to the ocean the life jackets are only good for body recovery. You need to have a serious servival suit so your still alive time changes from 30 minutes to an hour or two. A more reasonable trip would be to go from Anchorage and drive your boat to Whittier to put in. Then sail to Valdez and then to Cordova. This is all protected waters of Prince William Sound. Watch out for the oil tankers though. They can't stop or turn if you get in their way. From Cordova you can peek out from behind the islands to see if going out into the Gulf of Alaska is merely dangerous or suisidal. Good luck, I hope I don't read about you in the papers as another tourist who stepped off the plane and into the food chain.

Team of Sergej Koroteev, Marina Kuznetsova, Jaroslav Vedmid finished this trip:








Not everything was smooth.
Thae were trapped in a bay by big waves. And capsized when engine stop in time, when they crossed a bar. But everything finished OK. Only mast was broken. They repaired it and finished successful their trip.

More pictures you can find here:

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