Dumb idea - lowest profile short distance cart


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May 15, 2005
Ok maybe not such a great one but can also function as a dbl layer sleeping bad. What if you had 2 and just alternatively moving them from the back to the front as you crept along low to the ground across whatever?


I doubt it would work on uneven surfaces, and it lacks the ability to turn.

Regarding small carts: I've often wondered if a single wheeled contraption could be devised. Essentially turning the kayak into a wheelbarrow. Probably doesn't exist for a reason.
I think I've seen a single wheel SOT where the skeg was also a wheel, but you'd actually want the wheel to be somewhere near the cg and it'd keep on falling over.
A wheelbarrow has handles wide apart to balance it and wide apart legs to rest it on. A kayak is narrow.
The Magic Creeper has a limited distance an item on it will stay on it. If that distance is within the bounds of the work to be done, OK but. A wheeled trolley can be rolled all the way down the street with the person still on it.
I believe Randall Washburne originally invented and manufactured these stern wheels. (I'm guessing Wilkinson bought or licensed the design from him.) I had a set decades ago. They were OK for empty boats but pretty hard on the arms with boats loaded for touring. However, if you just had short distances to go over smooth surfaces and really, really wanted max room in your boat for food, etc. on a long tour, they might be tolerable. They don't appear to be made any longer, but WCP Buy/Sell and Craigslist are your friends if you're not the handy home-craftsperson sort.
I guess he's the smart one who uses the pair - one each for front and back

I'm thinking if you had the two-wheel midwheels at or just in front of the cockpit, and the single-wheel sternwheels at the back, you could hop in and get a go-kart style ride at ferry terminals where the land slopes down to the dock (Otter Bay or Village Bay in the Gulf Islands, for example). The adventure should make for in intensity anything it lacks in duration...