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Early Christmas


Oct 15, 2005
Ho, ho, ho! Way too early, but what the heck. Santa Claus showed up last night with a nice box dropped at my door. After opening it, a large Trangia Billy pot emerged.


At first I thought that best parishioners from the Church of Trangia started to receive early Christmas gifts. Further investigation of the box revealed that it came directly from http://www.landsharkz.ca/.

My impression is that Helen is allready fully stocked with Trangia stoves and parts and ready to deal with the most devoted belivers.

The Billi pot will be used soon on our (Willi and I) trip to Wallace Island, and then to Barkley Sound for cooking crabs. Helen, many thanks!
Fully stocked but selling quickly :D . We're placing our second order today and in addition to replacing the items that are sold out, we're adding a few more too.

Greg... my girlfriend and I were heading to Tod Inlet yesterday to walk the dog and so we scooted up your driveway to hand-deliver your new Billy.
Helen, too bad that we were not at home at that time. The dogs would have fun playing together and we could talk over a glass of wine about further expansion of your Trangia collection. The weather was most suitable for the ocasion.

Thanks again for the prompt delivery, as Willi and I will be gone kayaking soon.