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Apr 4, 2016
Nova Scotia
Not sure if anyone else has come across this site. For a quick visual reference regarding wind speed, direction, and weather fronts, I use this site all the time along with other weather data. They update it every three hours and covers the entire planet. You can also look up ocean currents and temperatures.

Even if you don't use it for paddling, the site is kind of cool.

Anyone else have useful weather apps or sites that may be useful paddling?
Wow, windytv is great! How have you found their forecasting accuracy? I used predictwind.com last year and found it extremely accurate.
It is exceptionally accurate, within reason....

As an FYI, I work on an expedition ship in Antarctica and we use windyty as our go to resource for weather analysis and decision making (in concert with a couple of other resources for commercial shipping)

Form experience up in the Arctic as well, WindyTy is the only show in town for accurate weather forecasting and analysis.

The link you you provided is the next best option ;)