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east coast kayak tragedy

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Kind of odd. The intended route is just a touch over 5 NM. The article talks about an overnight paddle but it sounds like that might be misconstrued. He should have been off the water before 11PM when the Nor-easter arrived. Both the boat and his body ended up downwind from his route and from where they drifted to it looks like he was close to his goal when he ran into trouble.
Sometimes it's just that little bit more ... " it looks like he was close to his goal when he ran into trouble." that gets you. I call it the, "I know I can make it to the next gas station." mind - that becomes a manly challenge and right of passage as a teenager. Unfortunately, in a kayak, there is often no pulling over to the side of the road to get a few hours of sleep before continuing on.

Been years since it's happened to me of course, but I can clearly recall a trip from California where I passed through La Pine on the way to Bend, just sure I wouldn't run out of gas (like there was some prize for arriving with the lowest gas tank level). I just made it, but had I figured wrong, it would have only meant some time on the side of the road and a little embarrassment, not completely exhausted, offshore, with a storm bearing down.

Leaving at 9PM at night is a head-scratcher. Maybe he was trying to use some tide/current action and has to meet that schedule.
I agree with the 9pm head scratcher,
I don't hesitate taking an evening paddle close to a Sandy beach in a small, protected lake I am very familiar with.
However in the ocean, without any protection, not going to happen
To say the least, unless you are lit up like a Christmas Tree, how would a power boat doing the same thing even see you.