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Easter Weekend, West Redonda Island

The wind can rip thru Lewis Channel and change sea conditions in a hurry from both N. and S. From the N. it can really trash Teakerne inlet. As usual, Respect the Weather and the Sea. Great area, hope it is not too crowded for your visit now that the season is on. We do our Redonda trips always in the off/shoulder season. Our last one was 3 weeks ago, we had all our camp spots to ourselves again.
When my wife and I retire, paddling off season would be our dream. Till then, we will contend with the rest of us tourists.
Thank you for your insights and time.
If that's the bay to the SW of Hepburn pt. I've looked there and didn't stay. It's an old logging site and theres probably a spot to put a tent but not )in my opinion) very hospitable. We camp on the beach in Toba; due north of Channel Island. It's somewhat small at high tide and there can be lots of bears there but they never have been a problem. I've heard that somewhere along the beach there is a "developed" site, possibly for guided tours or fishermen; we've never seen it though.

I visited that camp site [Hepburn Cove] this last weekend. The landing works at mid and high tide. Expect oysters and a longer carry at low tide levels. The camp site is located in the middle of the cove and accessed by an opening in the brush behind logs piled up at the high tide line. There is room for 3-4 tents without too much squishing. There is also a seasonal stream to the bluff side of the cove.

HepburnCoveApproach.jpg Approaching Hepburn Cove from west at ⅔ ebb
IMG_3200.jpeg Hepburn Cove campsite
Edit: Added approach photo
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Hello AE,

Disregard my questions about Hepburn Bay. I opened your previous reply on my laptop and more images became available. Also, what are the objects at the rear of the campsite? That looks like an acceptable spot.