Etain seat repair - smooth move?


Feb 27, 2006
So the webbing support for the backband on my new (to me) Northshore Etain broke off a couple of weeks back. Upon examination, it was obvious that it was bound to happen eventually: the strap is held in place by bolts, and the retaining hole in the strap sits right on the bare knife edges of the screw thread, getting sawed back and forth under tension every time you lean back. A serious design oversight (or deliberate planned obsolescence, depending on how cynical you are).

After farting futilely around trying to locate stainless steel bolt spacers of the right size, I realized that the nuts welded to the far size of the brace plates were round and smooth. So I used an old soldering iron to enlarge the holes on the replacement strap to fit over them. I inverted the plates so they are now on the inside where the webbing is, added a washer to avoid having the round nut squeeze and crack the plastic grommet on the inside of the seat, and replaced the original bolts with longer ones that would reach through both the bracing plates and original round nuts to the far side of the seat side and to the new outside nuts I installed. Since the webbing now rotates over the smooth outside surface of the round nuts, I'm hoping the new strap will last a good long time.

smooth move small.jpg
smooth move small.jpg