Ewa Marine underwater camera bag


Mar 16, 2005
Richmond, BC, Canada
Met with the Canadian distributer for Ewa Marine yesterday when he hand delivered an Ewa Marine enclosure that I ordered. I originally ordered their D-A bag which fits most SLR's but it was going to be a 4-6 week wait for it to come from Germany. He had a D-AX bag in stock which he offered me for the same price, so I took it. The D-AX bag is a bit larger so as to accomodate an external flash unit on the camera. I don't really need that capability unless I decide to take up diving (unlikely) and I'm hoping that the extra bulk of the bag won't hamper it's use.

It was fairly easy to install the camera into the bag after translating the instructions from Germlish to English. :wink: I took some test photos in my living room to see how easy or difficult operating the camera would be and, while it takes a bit of getting used to, I can easily operate all functions of the camera except the manual focus. They have a different version of the bag for manual focus cameras.

Can't wait to try it out from the cockpit of my boat.

D-A bag:

D-AX bag:



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Aug 15, 2005
Stockholm - Sweden
I recently used the UA-X bag for a long expedition - it was hammered, soaked, tied down to the deck and dragged around with me for 56 days - i even slept with it by my side! Although it did eventually start giving way (got three small leaks which i had to tape) it did just the job.

It's not perfect: the top bar does get in the way and i had to loosen the front port stabiliser to use my wide angle zoom (then you can slide the port back) plus it is a pig to change zoom but this is possible even in the cold. Autofocus lenses are a must!

Front glass is great but scratches easily and doesnt appear practical to replace - I used Rain-X on it to shed water droplets which is pretty good but you still have to give it a quick wipe with a wet finger in rough conditions - nothing worse than setting up a great shot in rough sea and strong winds to find later that the lens was covered in fine droplets - that ot of focus look doesn't really cut it in a big sea action shot :)

I used it with a Nikon D70 and 24-120mm f4-5.6 auto focus VR (image stabilising) lens - great results.

Tip for using a waterproof housing for long trips - turn off focus assist lamp, image review and set any menu settings to the lowest settings to string out battery life, also try to get big memory cards - with the Nikon set to largest image and best JPEG, I get nearly 300 shots per 1GB.

You can see the results at http://www.hydropia.org/2220


Mar 8, 2005
Beautiful BC
This just got dropped off on my doorstep a few minutes ago. I'll be trying it out tomorrow in Indian Arm.

It's good to 130 feet -- I'll be taking my mask and snorkel. :D