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Excellent Video Kayaking Trip


Aug 30, 2008
Perhaps this has already been posted, my apologies if so.
A great well edited video in High Definition of a group of 5 friends who spend 5 weeks traveling 500 miles from Port Hardy to Ketchikan Alaska.
FYI this video, with in my opinion has excellent quality and editing, was done by a first time camera/videographer. In her words......

"to be honest it was pretty ghetto. It was my first time with a camera so went cheap and kept it simple. The whole thing was filmed with a a sony handycam (XR150). I had one of those bendy/ribbed gorilla tripods that i mounted on my deck bag (with elastics). But most of the time it was just handheld. Literally in my boat with one hand holding my hat over the camera to keep the rain off. When not in use kept it in a lined pelican case in my deck bag."

Impressive filming/editing for a first time videographer. I think she has a career to pursue.........

I was impressed by how 5 inexperienced paddlers, who happen to be friends, pursue a dream and pull it off. Lots of learning curves, mistakes, etc BUT they pulled off an experience that they will remember for their lifetime. I'm sure their friendships are all the more healthier because of that shared experience. A very unpretentious piece of film-making of a incredible journey/experience.
Great effort and great result. Ghetto? Not Nat Geo but it captured the experience in a way that NG couldn’t. Only negative thing I have to say is about the various and sad ways that single malt is wasted.

The early leg across Slingby Channel to Burnett Bay must have been daunting and I wondered if they knew what they were in to.

I really liked the reflective narration. It rang very true to me.

The part about kayaking not being about paddling so much as gear management. Gear management does become a learned behavior and a critical part of every day.

“What goes through a paddler’s head? “Surprisingly little. ……………………………….…lost in the rhythm of paddling”. The empty mind is really a means of staying present. I have found that after a few short days of paddling adverse currents and winds I couldn’t remember all of the names of the 13 people in my work group. That’s when I knew I was really on vacation and in the moment.

“Sometimes it’s hard to see progress. Sometimes it takes moments like the Cape Fox experience”.

Amen. Another Two Thumbs Up!
Met the group when they premiered this movie at the Cumberland (Amateur) Mountain Film Festival last December. Very cool and fun group of people. I think they had another adventure planned, but nothing to do with kayaking. Can't remember what it was. Very much like their comment expeditions are less about skills and more about commitment. Very true up to a certain stage.
The brother and sister are riding bicycles from India to Ireland. Most interesting read with 3 pages of blog entries and some really great photos. indiatoireland.org .
Thank you all so much for taking the time to watch my film and for providing such positive feedback.

I really hope that it inspires folks to get out there and have adventures - whatever that means to each person individually.

Haha - and yes some good single malt was spilled - but I maintain it was for a good cause. Next time will do it properly with some champagne over the bow.

Since coming back I have been unable to go back to my old job and the office world. I have started a company that does planning/packing/preparation, with the idea of lowering the barrier to getting more people outside, whether that be the North Coast of BC or something a little closer to home. We live in a wonderful backyard and we are all better the more time we spend in it. Check out http://www.damgoodlogistics.com

Pete and Keara have been cycling since December and are due in Ireland the end of June. Follow their journey at: http://indiatoireland.org

I do intend to post the film on YouTube as well. They just make it more complicated with video lengths of 15 minutes. So need some time to cut up the film and post it in parts. Stay tuned. The link will be http://www.youtube.com/user/StuntBeaverTV. The trailer has already been posted.