Extra cushion/pad for kayak seat suggestions


Apr 27, 2021
SW Ontario
My wife finds the seat in her kayak could use a bit more padding. The factory seat pad is in good condition, but another layer of padding is needed.

She has tried my decades-old Thermarest paddling seat pad and it makes a big difference in the comfort but unfortunately Thermarest no longer makes their paddling seat pad and my sciatica doesn't allow me to give it up.

Any suggestions for an extra pad? Anyone have an old Thermarest paddling seat pad collecting dust in the closet?
While it may not be a "paddling" seat pad, I would try any of the rectangular Thermarest type inflatable seat pads. Sizes vary and there may be one that doesn't need the shaping that the paddling specific on has in order to fit.
Check out the MEC seat cushion. perfect size. I used aqua seal to glue on a couple of webbing loops so I could run a small cord through them so it won’t float away during a capsize. It only takes a little air to make it really comfy and doesn’t raise you up any noticeable amount. I tried gel pads and other foam pads but I weigh 230 lbs and so just basically sank through them after a couple of hours.
I just looked online at MEC, they are still available, but only at a few stores so I suspect they will be discontinued soon as MEC continues to downsize its products.
We ended up buying a Jackson Sweet Cheeks 100 for her. It's been fitted to her kayak's seat but didn't get a chance to give it a try this past weekend. First outing will be on next weekend's overnight trip.

I was really hoping to find for her a used Thermarest Touring Seat like I have, but I don't think they have been made in over 20 years. That said, I think the sweet cheeks will bit the bill, I certainly hope so.
I bought one of these from Canada tire and 4 hrs off paddling is extremely comfy now. They go on sale for 20 bucks every few months.


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