Fairfax Point - Moresby Island


Oct 15, 2005
Attention paddlers: it is a private property and no trespassing signs are posted along the beaches.

Next to Arbutus Point on Portland, Fairfax Point must be the most beautiful place for potential camping site. Its location is perfect for kayakers paddling from Sidney to Bedwell Harbour, or from Rum Island to Portland. We stopped there for lunch, after meeting with a group of paddlers from Cowichan kayaking club. I also stopped there on several other occasions, while paddling to Bedwell Harbour.

48-42.1' N
123-18.0' W

The point, about 4 ha in size, has two beaches: one on the west side, the other one on the east. Westerly beach is very kayaking friendly with small pebbles suitable for easy landing at any tide state. Easterly beach with its larger pebbles is suitable for launching at higher tides. This picture shows the westerly beach:

The point itself is fairly flat, covered with mature arbutus and fir trees. It has potential for dozens of campsites, most of them with fantastic 270 deg views:

I understand that at the present Moresby Island is private. As everything else though, sooner or later it will be up for sale. It should be a shame to lose it to someone, who will no doubt end up building another monstrous house.