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May 27, 2020
New York
Well, as finished as you can ever be.


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Some things I did different from the plans.
1. I did stich/glue on the hull, but then went to taping the deck to the hull as I got more comfortable.
2. I rounded the coaming.
3. I added deck lines for safety.
4. Notched the hatch toggles.
5. Added the compass.
6. I went with the suggestion here to use a single line on the hand toggle.
7. As previously mentioned, I went with a block of walnut wood for the hand toggles.
8. As previously mentioned, I used rice paper under the fiberglass for the graphics. I tried adding a graphic to the stern prior to varnishing but should have read more on how to do it. I ended up cutting into the graphic as I was sanding and then had to remove it. I should have put a plastic sheet over the resin which would have meant less sanding. Oh well. I may add later.
9. The pinstripe is 1/4" electrical tape. The black tape around the coaming is 1/2" electrical tape.

I already learned that I was afraid of tightening the hatches too much. It was too little.

Thanks for the suggestions here on this website.
3. I added deck lines for safety.
That's a very good idea. IMO, not optional!
Check this video . At 3:20 onward, it shows how difficult it is to raft up two kayaks, neither of which have deck lines.

Staying in contact with a swimmer would be even more difficult.

I added decklines to a friend's older Pisces a few weeks ago - it is noteworthy to encounter older boats without lines, now that most have them.
Very, very nicely done! You certainly can be proud of how this boat turned out. Every stroke you take, you can think "I built this!" And think of the other boaters and people ashore watching you. You're adding to their enjoyment of gazing out on the water.