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Fireworks (Vancouver)


Nov 18, 2010
I'm considering hanging out on the water to watch the fireworks, and would be happy to have someone join me for the company and increased visibility.

My plan is to launch from English Bay a bit early, paddle around (maybe along Stanley Park) a bit, then find a place to watch the fireworks close to the beach away from the motorized boat gong show.

We can also meet on the water if you want to launch from elsewhere.

I can offer a parking spot in prime West End location, close to the beach. We'd then have to carry or roll the kayaks a few blocks to the beach.
This coming saturday, wed then saturday.

July 27th, 31st, and 3rd. I'll probably be away for the 3rd. The 31st and 3rd also feature a RedBull Stunt flight air show. Also each evening they have Shorefest, free outdoor concerts at English Bay.

Pretty misleading...

False Creek levels (except for the eastern portion towards Science World) are well below the limits. Same levels in fact as Ambleside, English Bay or Second Beaches and half those of Sunset. From the actual VCH report: False Creek: West 81, Central 74, East 380.

For a clean beach try near the sewage treatment plant at Iona... :D
Thanks for the heads up Monster, I already suspected the water quality so I kept the rolls out in the bay. Appreciate you lighting the way with your nuclear powered canoe again.