Flat Point, Graham Reach


Jan 6, 2008
Vancouver, BC
Flat Point is on the east (mainland) side of Graham Reach along Princess Royal Channel (Inside Passage).

Flat Point consists of three beaches. To the N there is a small cove, which did not appear suitable for camping. The middle beach is cobble and has the best camping spots, this is where we camped (52 59.0' N, 128 30.6' W, from SPOT GPS on the beach). There is a third beach to the south which has some possible camping spots.

Fresh water is available from a stream on the S beach. There is no outhouse.

Flat Point is a good place for watching traffic pass along the Inside Passage and for watching waterfalls on Princess Royal Island. Also see page 204 of Wild Coast 2.

Flat Point beach (July 18, 2009, tide 3.8 m at Bella Bella)

Flat Point beach (July 19, 2009, tide 2.4 m at Bella Bella)

For further photos and info from this trip see http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtngoat/sets/72157621965812299/