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Fleming Island in the Deer Group to be logged !

Don Lowther

Nov 1, 2007
Fleming Island in the Deer Group has been surveyed and taped off for logging...... would it not be better to add the Deer Group Crown Lands to the Pacific Rim National Park ? Surely there are enough trees on Vancouver Island to feed the machine without having to raze the little gems surrounding it!


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Agree wholeheartedly. Wrong side of the border to do much about it.

Suspect when the deal went down to define the Park boundaries, the Deers were traded away for something else. Hand? Clarke? Gibraltor? All of the above?

The Pinkertons are pretty tasty, also, although no comparison to the Deers, and they are outside the Park.

Edit: thanks, JohnAbercrombie, for the correct name of those islands whose name I can never recall correctly. Pumperwells? Plumpertons? Stinkertons? Something. Oh, yeah, Kayakwritertons! :wink: