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For Sale, Nimbus Skana K2


Nov 15, 2020
Okanagan Valley, Canada
Downsizing the fleet.

Selling my Nimbus Skana K2 expedition touring kayak.

This is an expedition class kayak meant for those long Kayak trips. With 3 storage compartments, you will never be short on space for gear. Deck hardware, seats and neoprene hatch covers, all in great condition. Hull has very minor abrasion marks and some tie down ripples. The boat is a glass/carbon sandwich layup that weighs in at 86 lbs. Built in Canada.

There appear to be no reviews of this model that I can find, so I will give you my own thoughts. This is a big K2, but the Skana has a lot more rocker than most other K2s on the market. The bow is quite upswept. This means it handles and turns much more readily than other big K2s and provides a dryer ride for the front paddler. It is a superb open ocean touring K2, stable and forgiving, that can handle rough water and following seas very well.

I often paddle it with my two young grandsons aboard, one in the front cockpit and one on a booster seat in the center hatch. It has a very short turning radius for a boat of over 21 feet in length and works very well as a touring kayak for folk who have young children.


I am asking $2,800.00 Canadian ($2,200. USD) for the boat.

The boat is in the Okanagan Valley, but I will be making trips to the Fraser Valley and to the Bellingham area several times this summer, and one to Courtenay in late July, so could possibly bring it down.