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FOR SALE: Sterling Reflection as-new


New Member
Sep 22, 2013
Selling my 16’ as-new Sterling Reflection LV due to ongoing neck problem. Purchased new in 2014, and paddled only twice. Kayak has been stored indoors. Located in Seattle, WA eastside area.
This kayak is built using Sterling’s top line Carbon Composite Infused Layup, and weighs 35#. White hull with International Orange deck. Beefy foam seat, backrest and thigh braces will allow for personal customization. These are all at factory spec-- no mods have been done. Keel centerline and deck tumblehome at paddle contact areas have been protected with 3M 'bra' helicopter tape. Kayak has a retractable skeg (“skeel”), user controlled with slider on left side of cockpit.
Sale will include two cockpit accessories:
--a new/never-used Snap Dragon Glacier Breeze Deluxe spray skirt, with size Medium tube, zippered front pocket and shock-cord web.
--new Snap Dragon nylon cockpit cover for transport.
This is an opportunity to acquire a new Sterling Reflection and cockpit accessories at a cost saving in excess of $1,200. over buying new today from the factory + WA sales tax.
More information on the Reflection model at manufacturer website:
http://www.sterlingskayak.com/reflectio ... -list.html
A gallery of pictures of my kayak and an evaluation/review of the model by Sea Kayaker magazine may be seen at this link:
With skirt and cover $5,300.
ceebee said:
deck tumblehome at paddle contact areas have been protected with 3M 'bra' helicopter tape.

Where did you source the helicopter tape? I'm interested in getting some for my new kayak. Can you tell us more about installing it?

The only tape that will withstand the abuse of grit, stones, abrasion, etc. is polyurethane tape. Other compositions such as vinyl, PVC will simply fall apart. Uline is my go to source for the 3M material. It comes in various thicknesses, depending on application. I used 14 mil thickness (3M 8671) for the keel centerline, and 8 mil (3M 8672) for the deck abrasion prone areas. They also make 18 mil (3M 8663) tape which I have not tried. Uline (http://www.uline.com) sells all of them in various widths and lengths, depending on your requirements.

Another manufacturer is ISC. They sell “Racer’s Tape” in 8 mil and 14 mil thicknesses. You can get this at http://www.findtape.com. ISC tape is also sold in various widths and lengths. Just put “helicopter tape” in the search box on their website. I have used both 3M and ISC and I find them to be equivalent. I believe that Amazon sells the ISC tape as well.

Polyurethane tape can be applied wet or dry. If there is no sensitive electronic componentry in the vicinity (as in some race car type applications) I greatly prefer the wet process. It is just like applying a bra to the nose of your car by using a dilute dish detergent spray to wet the surface, then positioning the tape, and then squeegee the water and bubbles out. Some general guidelines can be found here: http://static.findtape.com/instructions ... tions.html

Hope that helps.