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free download of "Alone At Sea"


Feb 27, 2006
OK, it wasn't in the Pacific. And it wasn't coastal. But Dr Hannes Lindemann's epic solo crossing of the Atlantic remains an inspiration to expedition kayakers everywhere. I've been looking for a copy of his long-out-of-print "Alone At Sea" and stumbled across this free download at the internet archive https://archive.org/details/aloneatsea006429mbp/page/n9/mode/2up

(It is free, but if you can spare a few bucks to donate to the Internet Archive, they do great work ensuring books, music and recordings don't vanish down the memory hole, saving us from a world in which our entire culture is this week's 40 hits and the current NYT best seller list...)
Thank you for the link.

Note, because of the similarities in the Title, don't confuse this with, "The Pacific Alone" - Ed Gilitt's story of his paddle from California to Hawaii.