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FS: NDK Romany Excel $2750

Sep 26, 2017
Potentially selling my Romany Excel to make room for a reflection...
Boat is 3 years old and has been paddled a whole bunch.
The black hull is covered in superficial marks from the odd encounter with a rock.
In true NDK fashion the seat has been reinstalled professionally. The epoxy that held the mounting blocks in gave away, so now it is bolted right into the side of the boat and sealed.
The front bulkhead has been moved closer to the seat to give the cockpit less volume (an inch or two of water is now a lot fewer litres). It shouldn't be an issue unless you have incredibly long legs! It has a factory installed, colour matched keel strip aswell.
This is a LARGE fitting boat. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing and instructing in this boat, I just wouldn't mind seeing what all the Sterling fuss is about.
If you have any questions or would like to take it for a test paddle at Elk Lake don't hesitate to ask!