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FYI: Misprint for September in (some?) 2017 Waggoner tables


New Member
Apr 20, 2017
A heads-up for anyone using the 2017 Waggoner tables: there's a misprint for September 1-11. Or there is in the copy I purchased, anyway. The initial sign of trouble is that the weekdays listed for September 1-11 are wrong, and when I looked closer I could see some problems with the actual data. Double-check your tables before relying on them to plan any paddling trip!

I was able to download a corrected September table from their web site: http://waggonerguide.com/free-downloads/

(It doesn't mention anything about it being a correction, but the weekdays are correct and the data for those 11 days is completely different from my printed copy, and looks more reasonable to me. The download requires signing up for their newsletter. It took about 24 hours before I got an email with the download password and was able to download the PDF.)

(The Gear forums seemed the most appropriate for this topic, though I do wonder if this warrants posting elsewhere where it might be more likely to be seen. Would really be a blow to plan a trip based on the misprint.)

Some context for those who don't know: the Waggoner tables help you use the Canadian Current Atlas. The atlas has detailed charts of the currents from Juan de Fuca Strait to Strait of Georgia, including the whole area around the San Juan Islands. The Waggoner tables tell you which chart to use for a particular hour of a particular day. They are super helpful, but of course relying on a misprint could cause you some real problems. (A good reminder to always double-check some general current station predictions for when you're planning a trip, to make sure they align with the charts you're using.)