Get paid to paddle: summer jobs at Jericho Beach Kayak


Feb 27, 2006
I'm once again bending the rules around commercial postings a little bit, mostly because this is an opportunity for a paddling company to give you money, rather than the other way around!

For those who've worked for or been clients of Ecomarine in the past, the summer staff at Jericho Beach Kayak includes a very high percentage of Ecomarine veterans (including myself). Lots of us keep returning year after year, always the sign of a good employer. I've known and worked with Eva, the School and Operations Director at JBK for years (we both go back to Ecomarine) and she's good people. I don't work directly with Erian and Bob, the owners of JBK, Deep Cove Kayak, Coast Outdoors and Cates Park Paddling Centre, but every time I've met them, I've been hugely impressed with their ethos and ethics.
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