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Goodbye west coast, I hardly knew ya'


Aug 3, 2006
Sept-Îles, QC
hiya friends

just a quick note to all those whom I know personally, paddle with or have paddled with (To those who I don't know or haven't met, no need to read further!)

I'll be moving back to the eastern edge of the country in a couple of weeks after having accepted my "dream job"!

I'll be directing an outdoor center back home in eastern Quebec and am very much looking forward to this new challenge.

I'll still be kicking around the board though, and will start sending gobs of photos of the paddler's paradise i'll be calling home. If anyone is ever looking for new paddling horizons in a far-flung location, let me know!

To Dan, Mark, Maddie, Gord, Alana, Bob, the Hurricane crew and the multitude of others I have had the distinct pleasure of sharing the water with at some point in my 5 years on the west coast....

thanks for the cameraderie


ps - apologies for the impersonal nature of a message board post! Just easier to announce it this way than to try to track everyone down in person while I scramble to pack up my life on short-notice ;)


My new home town of Port-Cartier, QC. Pop. 6473 + 1 stop light

WTF is Port-Cartier you ask? 8 hours drive NE of Quebec City, 11 hours drive NE from Montreal on the North Shore of the Gulf of St-Lawrence.

Re: goodbye west coast, i hardly new ya'

Hey Mike,

We only crossed paths a couple of times at Jericho, but I always enjoy your posts here and read them carefully, so I'm glad you're going to stick around on the forum. Thanks for your many past contributions (and many more to come, I hope) and good luck in your new/old locale.

Re: goodbye west coast, i hardly new ya'

Michael, it's been great having you around as part of the community in BC (and here on the site). Nice to know that you're planning on still sticking around (in a way) and look forward to your continued input in the discussions here -- and it'll be great to hear of your paddling adventures from your new locale.
Re: goodbye west coast, i hardly new ya'

Still got that new Maelstrom designed in Quebec? Good timming. At least the water is frozen all the time. Be thinking about you...hope more dreams come true for you as your new future unfolds. Thanks for the "insider" posts - and the generosity of spirit exhibited here and in person.

Re: goodbye west coast, i hardly new ya'

Ciao Michael! Too bad we never had the chance to paddle together, but I enjoyed chatting with you on the beach and in the store the few times we met.

Good luck in your new opportunity! Let me know if you have any old gear/books/stuff you don't want to lug across the country! :wink: :cool

Definitely stay on the board - your contributions are welcome and appreciated. Plus, this may be WestCoastPaddler, but I'm sure any of us would love to see photos and hear about trips over on the other coast (EastCoastPaddler.com, anyone?) :wink:
Re: goodbye west coast, i hardly new ya'

haha funny you should mention that, keep your eyes peeled on the buy/sell forum - i'll be spamming the crap out of it this weekend as I start packing and start listing. There are already a couple of bits and bobs posted, though a whole pile of books/valid charts will get posted. Maybe a small modicum of gear, but not much - most of what I have left is good to go and I will be using it extensively. Anything not sold will get donated to libraries, good will, youth outdoor rec programs etc.
Re: Goodbye west coast, I hardly new ya'

Sorry to see you go, Mike - but please do check in on us every so often! We do enjoy the wealth of information you provide.

I'd like to say that if you find yourself back here, I'd be happy to lend you a boat for a while (maybe even one of your own ex-boats!) but I've already chopped them up to fit my own size and shape, sorry! :-o

Best of luck on your new adventures out east! Oh, and I'll take any charts you want to get rid of. :p
Re: Goodbye west coast, I hardly new ya'

Glad that the internet connects people. You still get to contribute and I still get to read and learn from every one of your posts.
Good luck!