gopro mount ideas


Jun 14, 2021
Kootenays BC
A year ago I was looking for the best method of mounting a gopro onto a kayak without any mods.
There weren't a lot of good solutions out there, and I ended up clipping a helmet strap onto my rigging.

So I figured a thread on ideas could be useful to others.
Please post your own ideas.

I didn't want something ugly for my new Greenland style boat,
So when I was thinking of some Greenland style accessories it came to me.
I could make up a Greenland style harpoon throwing stick and just mount my gopro into one of the peg holes.

It works perfectly.



In a moment I can take the mount off and still use it as a throwing stick.
It of course could be used for selfies with a timer or remote.

I actually made the stick a little longer than normal to accommodate my deck rigging, and have switched the finger notches to the narrow side with plans on using it for rolling rather than throwing.

Oh if you are interested, a common 3/4 inch long 1/4 inch bolt attaches the mount to the stick.
I have it countersunk in, and a flat washer glued in.
It looks to me as the holes in your wood toggles for your over deck lines are the same width as the deck lines - like everything looks parallel.
The general idea [forgive me if I'm not looking correctly] is to have the toggle holes narrower than the decklines so than when you move them out everything snugs right up. So that way you could put your atlatl out horizontally from the kayak - hey, even with a hole or anchor in the storm paddle.
It might be interesting to put a swivel mount under the gopro, a wedge or so under the storm and have a highish viewpoint from the side as you paddle along.
With care, it might be possible to have a location that the toggles will snug together to capture the atlatl/storm to have a very vertical mount.

. . . stupid ideas anyway.
Good ideas Mick,
I will try the swivel mount next somehow.
And you are right, I did mess up with the sliders and will be making some out of fake bone or something else soon enough.
There is still enough friction there so they work.