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greenland paddle tip cover/protection.



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I've seen a pair in person covering the tips of a carbon fiber Greenland paddle. They seemed pretty durable. They seemed to be made of a soft, slightly stretchy silicon rubber type material and looked fairly durable.

I have just installed a pair of these. the process was rather hard on my elderly arthritic hands, but straight forward. I'll report back after the season to indicate how they hold up with usage and time.


New Member
Aug 31, 2020
Salmon Arm BC
Are these tip protectors still available anywhere? I see Northern Light appears to be closed now, and the pair I have are getting pretty tattered. After 6 or 7 years on rocky shorelines they did a great job, but need replacement if possible, thanks.
I have used a small brush to coat the tips with clear epoxy. Holds up well, protects the tips and is easily touched up. Instead of using painters tape to outline the area, I use plain paper just tacked on and then remove it after five minutes for a clean edge. I also rotate the paddle about every minute for the first 6 or so minutes as epoxy can run.