Greenland style paddle loop?

I would think the same could be done for your application. If you find it flops over too much, I suggest experimenting with adding some small washers, or other fillers, at the ends, so they cannot bend over quite so easily. or tape to stiffen the line a bit.

I can't watch the video right now, but will do so when I get the chance.

Good suggestion about various things at either end to keep it upright. Sort of what I was thinking I might be able to get the balls to do. I was at Home Depot today and picked up some tubing and two small plastic tee fittings that I'm going to play around with. I'll have to unthread the perimeter lines to get them through so it may take some time before I get around to it.
I use a black paracord with a series of knots in it. the paracord is attached to a loop of nylon web that is held to the gunwale with a stainless steel screw over a stainless washer. I use a nail, I heat the tip of red-hot to make the hole in the web loop and nylon or poly hull skin.

John V B