Guemes Island to Jack Island - January 29th

May 30, 2021
Sammamish, WA
Fun half day paddle. Video on YouTube including some nice drone aerials, highlights below:


0:00 - Intro
0:05 - Guemes Island Location in the Pacific Northwest
0:10 - Ferry from Anacortes to Guemes Island
0:55 - Guemes Island General Store
1:00 - Guemes Island Resort
1:20 - Vendovi Cabin
1:46 - Jack Island from Guemes Island Resort
2:14 - Kayak Route from Guemes Island Resort to Jack Island
2:31 - Young County Park - North Beach
2:46 - Aerials of Guemes Island Resort, Sinclair Island, Lummi Island, Vendovi Island, Jack Island
2:57 - Kayaking from Young County Park - North Beach
4:56 - View of Mt Baker from Guemes Island
6:27 - Arriving Jack Island
7:26 - Eagle Flying from Jack Island
7:48 - Beach Rest Stop on Jack Island
8:26 - Aerials of Jack Island
9:30 - Heading out from Jack Island
11:18 - Arriving by Kayak at Guemes Island Resort
11:27 - Kayaking to the Cone Islands from Guemes Island
11:36 - Kayaking to Cypress Head from Guemes Island

Map Locations
Guemes Island:
Guemes Island Resort:
Young County Park - North Beach:
Jack island:
Beach Rest Stop:

Kayaking in the Pacific Northwest:
Adventures in the Pacific Northwest:

This was my first paddle from Guemes Island, and it was great. There are several more day / overnight trips I want to do from Guemes Island this season. Anyone else done Cone Islands, or Cypress Head? Appreciate any tips you may have.



Sep 17, 2012
Tips from Cypress Head Crossing: 1) Watch out for Ferries. 2) Watch out for Ferries 3) Plan your crossing well so you don't get swept past your intended landing point - be it near the ferry dock or at Washington Country Park (your last stop before Hawaii). 4) Watch out for Ferries.

Pelican Beach on Cypress has a covered eating area. I hear it sometimes rains up there. If you have a hammock, that might be a sheltered area - but courtesy to others on the beach has priority - like put it out late, take it down early, and make sure whatever you chose as supports can handle the sheer focus. I recall a story about someone's whose hair grew back and he got stronger. And was able to pull some pillars down. Which, though was quite a feat, was also not as hard as you might think if the pillars were put up only anticipating a downward compression force from a roof - not a sheer force from a sideways pull.