Hakai Area - drinking water and carts


Jul 23, 2011
I am planning a trip to central coast (thinking 10 day approx., wet launch: Rivers inlet and return via Shearwater). Need to confirm locations of obtaining drinking water. “Kayak Routes-Peter McGee” states Spider Island, Namu, Bella Bella, Shearwater as water sources. Do you know of others?
Kayak carts: Do I need to carry a cart? The "Wild Coast 2" book mentions BC Ferries provide carts but not sure exactly what that means (what they look etc.), are they easy to load/unload your fully loaded kayak onto their cart?


Apr 4, 2005
The trailer carts provided by the ferry are padded and hold 6 boats at least, they will bring the cart to the loading area at Port Hardy and ask that your boats are empty but I always leave a few items in the hatchs. At Shearwater they provide the same cart but it's a different story getting your kayak to the cart, If you choose to paddle to the terminal where the cart will be located it is a very,very, very, difficult carry up the jagged rocks not to mention just getting out of your boat :) been there done that. Your other option is to land at the far side of the marina at the boat launch and carry your kayak and gear 200 yards or more to the terminal. One thing to keep in mind is sometimes the cart is full and you will have to hand carry your kayak and gear on and off the ship but that is the exception, I always bring a disposable thin pad for my boat if it's going to be on the deck.
On the water sources here are a few choices.
Addenbroke light station, It's always fun spending a little time meeting the keepers and a tour.
51 36 13.34 N 127 51 51.39 W

Choke Passage, There is a private lodge here and we have been offered water some years and begged for it other. Wolf and North beach are nice!
51 40 51.51 N 128 06 48.84 W

Spider Island, Have stopped here to get out of the boat twice but have never needed water and did not have the energy to find the short riverbed or bushwack a trail to the lake.
51 51 22.60 N 128 14 35.11 W

I'll call this Hidden lagoon, Found this source mentioned years ago online on a boaters blog so we took a day paddle from Cultas bay campsite and it turned out to be a great adventure. Timing is critical to enter and exit the Lagoon but it's a special place and a short climb to the lake above, Take a swim maybe:)
51 54 50.38 N 128 11 04.80 W

Gale Passage, Don't know if your route will take you this far north but this is a flowing river on wet years and cool ponds back in the forest on drought years. Plus it's a nice cabin! Oh, timing the rapids in and out of the passage is important and you should follow up if your choosing either here or Hidden lagoon for a easy paddle.

There are other sources that I have made chart notes on but have never used, my rule of thumb has always have the capacity to carry 7 day's of water and would not think of heading to Goose without it (stuck there 3 day's once and left when we should stayed :yikes:)

Take lot's of pictures, look forward to a trip report!

Dave R