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Halifax NS Kayak Rental


Dec 12, 2006
I'll be flying through Halifax in early October with a 16h layover and a rental car. Ive never been to Nova Scotia. I am planning to get out to Peggys Cove and do some sightseeing.

I thought it might also be nice to go for a couple hour paddle. Can anyone recommend any rental places?

I am an experienced paddler but will be going solo and wont have full immersion gear (might be able to fit a drytop in my bag) so will be aiming to be pretty conservative while hopefully having a scenic paddle.
A slightly different perspective: what about seeing if you can rent one the traditional type rowboats for a couple of hours - might be some availability, but don't know:
St Margaret's Bay trap skiffs . . .
St Margarets bayTrapboatsbc.jpg