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Hayley Shephard talk


May 28, 2007
Lucked out Saturday evening when I decided to pick up my junk mail for recycling and saw the notice board. Slide show at Sointula's Bistro and etc., about Hayley Shephard's campaign to save the albatross and her attempt to circumnavigate South Georgia.

Couldn't find any reference here at WCP to any other of her appearances. Anyway, I and several of my neighbours really lucked out.

She is an excellent and inspiring speaker, her material was fascinating, from references to Shackleton's expedition to great photos of South Georgia. A few short videos.

Great humility too, as well as the sort of courage it takes to walk away from a dream, especially after overcoming so many obstacles to the journey. Her descriptions of those difficulties were full of humour, but also inspiring. Then there's the sort of courage and self reliance needed to even face such an expedition.

Evening ended too soon as she and her partner almost did not make the 9 pm to Port McNeill. They are now off to Churchill where she works as a guide. Only hope that she has the opportunity to give her slide show at many other locations.

Her book is already on sale and the movie is, I believe, almost ready for distribution. She gave away the last T-shirt last night.