Heathorn Bay, Mathieson Channel in Fiordland


Jan 6, 2008
Vancouver, BC
Heathorn Bay is just east of Mathieson Narrows where Mathieson Channel meets Sheep Passage and Mussel Inlet. It is a great base for exploring Fiordland.

The beach is mostly boulders but there is a good landing area (gravel) at the west end of the beach. The beach is fairly steep so no long carries. Camping is on the beach or in the forest behind (52 50.4' N, 128 8.3' W, from SPOT GPS on the beach). Fresh water is available from a small stream east of the campsite. There is no outhouse. Also see page 188 of Wild Coast 2.

We spent two nights at Heathorn Bay. There were high spring tides overnight (5.0 at Bella Bella). On the first night the tide came within a metre of my tent pitched at the very top of the beach (see photo). For the second night I moved into the forest where there are several flat areas to camp.


Heathorn Bay, our campsite is to the left (July 20, 2009, tide 3.0 m at Bella Bella)


Heathorn Bay, our campsite is in the middle of the photo (July 21, 2009, tide 0.5 m at Bella Bella)


Campsite at Heathorn Bay, notice the tide line (July 21, 2009, tide 0.6 m at Bella Bella)


Mathieson Narrows and Heathorn Bay (in shadow) (July 22, 2009)

For further photos and info from this trip see http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtngoat/se ... 965812299/