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Help needs for travel plan


Dec 22, 2007
We are going to travel in your area next summer-september on inflatable sailing catamarans Ducky-19.

you can take look on it on - http://www.inflatable-catamarans.com/in ... _topic=d19


and on our travels in Geenland, Cape Horn, Sweden and other here - http://www.ducky.com.ua/forum_eng/index.php?c=2

Here is planed trip - http://www.ducky.com.ua/forum/viewtopic.php?t=192

Dates - from August 19 till September - 12, 2008.

any tips about weather pattern, good landing places, bear safety.

Everything that in your suggestion we should keep in mind and be ready will be appreciated.

Best regards,
Eduard Maydanik

emayd said:
..bear safety.

I don't know, they may not be safe. Check the weapon and hunting regulations, which is in effect in Canada. Some species may be under protection.

Eduard, we do not have any of those beautiful


icy beaches around here, unles you go above arctic circle.

Congratulations guys of beautiful photos from your trips. You will find more exotic places on our coast. There are a few heavy tidal flows along your route to be aware of; I'm sure that someone with local knowlwdge will comment on that. Otherwise, you will be allright. Bears may not!
you are holding the harpoon improperly.
it's upside-down.
hold the Norsaq. throw the harpoon with the Norsaq.
cute seal. 8)
Can somebody from Vancouver rent distress signals for two catamarans from August-17th till September-13th?

We can't bring own and if we buy - we can't take them back to Europe.
Great photos man.. the video looks like it took quite a bit of towing in a number of places.. So how close was that bear to you?

Love the iceberg skinny dipping and the naked card game

Doncha love the Germans? Make the rest of us look like utter wimps.
"Doncha love the Germans? Make the rest of us look like utter wimps."

Told you guys... never again complain about us germans wearing speedos at the beach :lol:
Gents, if they were Germans, they would be in letherhosen. They are Russians!

Another clue: vodka and caviar - that combo is typically russian.
Bloody hell! Which one of us is going to post a little reminder about our love of "No Trace" camping over here?...........